Workshop - Victor Liu Photography


Workshop fees:

Tuition is $400 per person per day for one on one workshops, and $350 per person per day for group workshops (3 persons or more). I do offer a 10% off the total amount on multi-day workshops (3 days or more). There are no other extra costs, except gas donations if clients choose to ride in my car. I'll send an invoice of the full amount 1 or 2 weeks before the beginning of the workshop by email. The total amount can be paid at the beginning, during or at the end of workshop, cash is preferred.

Safety, Insurance, and Physical Fitness:

Every effort is made to ensure your safety. However, participants are responsible for their own safety and accident insurance. I do not accept responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged property. Participants must be in good physical condition for activities in a mountain, forest or coastal environments may be cold, wet, and windy.

National park pass:

National Parks of Canada requires any vehicles stopping in a national park to have a park pass. Go to the following link for details: I do keep a group national park pass in my car, and when clients choose to ride with me, the pass can be shared at no cost.


It is the responsibility of each participant to bring and provide his or her own equipment, which includes:


• lenses from wide angle to telephoto, either zoom or prime. Also bring macro lens if possible.

• Polarizing filters for all lenses if possible

• Laptop computer if you have one

• Tripod and shutter release (programmable remote if willing to make star trail shots)

• Memory cards and batteries

Clothing and accessories:

Bring warm clothes! Weather conditions are unpredictable in the Canadian Rockies. Winter coats should be ready at any time, and a good pair of hiking boots is also recommended. Headlamp is needed for night shoot. The temperatures in both October and November are quite low, prepare winter clothing if possible.

Lodging options:

Any hotels in the town of Banff and Jasper should be convenient for our workshops. A good place to stay in Banff is Banff Aspen Lodge: or a cheaper alternative, King Edward Hotel: For Jasper, Best Western Jasper Inn is a good option: or a cheaper alternative, Astoria Hotel:


I use Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS6 for photo editing. I do use Lightroom and Nik Software for small adjustments, but they won't help achieve the results I get from using Photoshop. My post-processing session is based on Photoshop CS6.

A typical workshop day will look like this:

In general, 3 hours in the morning for sunrise shoot, 2 hours of editing, and 3 hours of sunset shoot, depending on weather conditions and client's desires during the workshop, I can extend or shorten a certain session or even add a new session (e.g. I can include a night session to capture star trails and milky way, but skip the sunset shoot if the sky is too clear to bring dramas) The morning shoot of each day will usually start one hour before sunrise, and mostly likely at a lake, and then some more shooting while the light turns golden. From there, we will head into the nearby town for breakfast, and maybe make a couple of stops for wildlife opportunities. At coffee time, I will sit with my clients to edit photos together, which includes a demo of my workflow, a couple of my own examples, editing of sunrise images shot in the morning, and hands-on practice under my guidance. During the midday, when the sun is hash and unsuitable for photo shoot, I'll leave time to my clients on their own to do some exploring and rest. We meet one hour before sunset and head to the chosen location for the duration of sunset. (Dinner time is either before or after this session depending on the actual sunset time)

Multi-day workshops:

For multi-day workshops, we will visit a different location on each day, or re-visit the same locations for better lighting conditions, which increases the chance of getting better images. There are also more time for reviewing shots and apply more editing techniques. We will set up one or two base camps for our journey, depending on preference and weather conditions, and they are mostly likely the town of Banff and/or the town of Jasper. If both are selected as our base, then there will be one day travel time between them, and during the rest of workshop days, we will keep our travel distance less than 100km(60mi) per day. I will take care of my own accommodations and meals during the workshop, and clients are only responsible for paying their own hotels, meals, souvenirs etc. For transportation, there are two options, clients can either drive their own car during the time of workshop, or they can choose to ride in my car to get to our chosen locations. I generally don't charge a fee for this, but donations to cover gas are appreciated. (Airport and hotel pickups are also negotiable, depending on days of workshop and distance)

Destination other than the Canadian Rockies:

I can go to the destination of my client's choice everywhere in the world, however, for places with a distance more than 400km (250mi) away from Calgary, I will charge a travel fee accordingly, including the means of transportation, accommodation and food.

For any workshop inquiries, please contact me at